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      China's national legislature opens annual session

      China's national legislature opened its annual session Friday morning in Beijing. Xi Jinping and other Chinese leaders attended the opening meeting while Premier Li Keqiang delivered a government work report on behalf of the State Council to the legislature for deliberation.

      ? China targets GDP growth of over 6% in 2021
      ? The NPC's action in exercising state legislative powers

      ? Presidium elected, agenda set for China's NPC session

      Draft decision on improving HK electoral system submitted to China's top legislature for review

      ?A draft decision on improving the electoral system of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) was submitted on Friday to the National People's Congress (NPC), China's top legislature, for deliberation.

      SCIO briefing on promoting high-quality development of banking and insurance sectors

      The State Council Information Office (SCIO) held a press conference in Beijing on March 2 to brief the media on issues regarding promoting the high-quality development of the banking and insurance sectors.

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      • 'Patriots governing Hong Kong': Logical and legitimate

        The "two sessions" of 2021 has lifted its curtain, and "patriots governing Hong Kong" has drawn most attention. "Patriots governing Hong Kong" is a legitimate institutional design in line with the common sense of ordinary people.

      Opinion ??

      Improving Hong Kong's electoral system legitimate, necessary and imperative

      The best electoral system for Hong Kong is the one that suits its conditions and helps safeguard national security and maintain Hong Kong's long-term prosperity and stability.


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