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      Key topics:   ?Winning the Battle Against Poverty?China Mosaic? China's Changemakers

      Xi signs order promulgating regulations on int'l military cooperation

      Xi Jinping, chairman of the Central Military Commission, has signed an order promulgating regulations on international military cooperation.

      China rebukes West for questioning impartiality of WHO's origin-tracing mission

      A Chinese spokesperson on Thursday rebuked some Western politicians for questioning the impartiality of the recent coronavirus origin-tracing study by a World Health Organization (WHO) mission in China.

      China honors soldiers martyred in border conflict

      Four Chinese soldiers, who died during a border confrontation in June 2020, were posthumously awarded honorary titles and first-class merit citations, the Central Military Commission (CMC) announced on Friday.

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      China gives new boost to 17+1 Initiative

      During the recent online China-CEEC Summit, China outlined a series of principles which will deliver benefits to all the nations participating in the 17+1 Initiative through openness and inclusiveness.


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